5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Be At St. Polycarp Catholic School


  • FAITH FORMATION–Faith formation is the cornerstone of all we do.  Our Catholic identity is woven through our curriculum, taught daily in Religion classes and is expressed through our Core Values-Commitment, Responsibility, Integrity and Service. These core values are what ANCHOR us to our faith, our family and God. Our CHRISTIAN SERVICE program is modeled after St. Francis of Assisi who said, “Preach the Gospel at all times.  When necessary, use words.”.
  • LEADERSHIP AND RESPONSIBILITY– We create opportunities for our students to  plan,organize and operate servant leadership activities.  These activities include Christian Service Projects, Student Council Event and class projects.  In addition, we offer leadership experiences through our Altar Server program, School Family days, sleep away science camps and trips to the East Coast.   Through GROWTH AND GOAL SETTING we motivate students to grow beyond their previous month’s academic level.  Each month we hold a Champion Ceremony to celebrate student growth. We strive for COLLEGE and CAREER READINESS.  Although forming future saints is our goal, college and career readiness is our mission. 38% of students nationwide meet the benchmark for college and career readiness. We strive for 80% of our students to be college and career ready.
  • BLENDED LEARNING ENVIRONMENT-Our learning environment provides a well rounded and balanced experience for all learners.  Offering a rotation model of blended learning in core subject areas enables teachers to provide small group instruction, one-on-one attention through adaptive software programs and collaborative groups.  This environment encourages individual student growth, provides impactful student/teacher time and promotes cooperation among students. As a blended learning school our TECHNOLOGY is up to date, relevant and adaptive.  We have 2:1 iPads and Chromebooks in Transitional Kindergarten through 3rd grade.  Students in the 4th-8th grade are given a Chromebook, on loan, to use for the school year.
  • SAFE and NURTURING COMMUNITY – St. Polycarp School is a loving and supportive community where everyone knows your name.  We accomplish this through our SMALL CLASS SIZES. We offer an average of 13:1 student teacher ratio.  Small class sizes allow for more personalized attention and our SCHOOL FAMILIES help build community.  Every Thursday our students play team building games with their designated school family.  The family consists of students from every grade level which allows students to interact with peers they wouldn’t typically interact with.  Having an older student who knows you by name and/or a younger student who looks up to you as a role model builds community and comradery.
  • FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE St. Polycarp School is committed to working with any family who wants a Catholic education for their children.  Financial aid is available for all who qualify.  Fill out a Financial aid application at online.factsmgt.com/signin/47K0W