Message from the Principal

I believe that God puts people and opportunities on our path throughout our lives, and with this collection of interactions and experiences brings us closer to Him.  

I am the product of two educators where the passion and joy of learning has been embedded within me as far back as I can remember. I graduated from Cathedral Catholic High School (previously University of San Diego High School) and went on to attend UCSD earning a degree in Psychology; I received an M.A. in Educational Counseling from the University of San Diego (another great Catholic school) and an M.Ed. in Cross Cultural Teaching with a single subject in English and Literature.
I began my career / ministry in Catholic education in 1996 in both administration and teaching and through the years have engaged in a variety of educational settings both nationally and internationally at the elementary, secondary, and university levels. My love for Catholic education roots from my passion for academic excellence through traditional foundation coupled with a progressive spirit and my love for the Catholic Church and Jesus Christ.
St. Polycarp School holds the blessing of being a small school with a huge heart and strong community. With a hand-selected faculty, the latest programs and technology, and the philosophy of engaging students at his or her own level in an environment most conducive to the world they will enter as adults, St. Polycarp School brinks on the edge of the most progressive educational learning environment in our 21st Century.
Everyday, we begin our day with prayers, pledges, and assembly sharing our learning expectations of the week and gospel reading for the following Sunday mass. Classes are non-traditional in design where the students engage in independent work, collaborative groups, adaptive technology programs, hands-on learning in creating, exploration, and discovery and small group time with the teacher in all core subjects everyday. Meeting our students where they are at and creating the best ways for students to learn does not happen occasionally, it happens everyday. Students are learning to establish autonomy within their learning beginning at four years old through our blended learning model where students of all levels can learn simultaneously in the same inclusive classroom.
St. Polycarp School is rooted in the belief that all students are “gifted”, that is, each child has been given gifts from God. It is our mission as educators to help each child discover these gifts and use them to maximize their learning, build confidence of exploring beyond, and begin to understand what God wants them to do in the service for our church and others.

St. Polycarp School can be part of your child’s life path – an incredible experience to see your child grow and discover his or her abilities through the lens of our Catholic Faith.                                            

In Christ,

Alison Daley