Staff Directory

Alma Avalos
Administrative Assistant
Christina Perry
5th-8th grade Religion and Social Studies
Grace Alvarez
Hannah Beighle
2nd-4th grade English Language Arts
Jenny Muecke
Transitional Kindergarten Teacher
Jonna Powell
Extended Care Supervisor
Mary Flock

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Mrs. Mary Flock began teaching in 2001. Her first teaching adventure was a spunky 2nd grade class at Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Habra, CA. After five years in 2nd grade, Mary moved on to St. Paul High School in Santa Fe Springs, CA as the Dean of Discipline and multi-level Religion teacher for six years. Mrs. Flock left high school administration and served as the principal of St. Gertrude the Great Catholic School in Bell Gardens, CA, from 2011 to 2018. She holds a B.S. in Social Science from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, a Catholic Leadership Certificate and a Masters in Catholic School Administration from Loyola Marymount University. Mrs. Flock is excited to begin a new chapter in her career as the principal of St. Polycarp.

Roberta Elliott
5th-8th grade English Language Arts
Sister Deliah Nguyen
2nd-4th grade Religion and Science
Sister Kimberly
First Grade Teacher
Tom Lawson
2nd Grade Teacher

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It has been my pleasure teaching second grade at Saint Polycarp School since 2001. I am a true believer in Catholic education. I believe Catholic values balanced with high academic standards are an important part in the formation of today’s children. I attended Saint John of God School in Norwalk where I received an excellent Catholic education. My parents, along with my elementary school teachers, helped me to develop strong spiritual and academic foundations. This has helped me to strengthen my spiritual life and love of learning throughout my adult years. I graduated from Cerritos High School. I received a B.A. in Math, a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and an M.S. in Education from California State University, Fullerton.
I have wanted to be a teacher ever since I was a young boy. I used to play “school” with my friends. My parents also encouraged me to be a teacher by playing school with me. They were the “pretend students.” Before teaching at Saint Polycarp, I taught second grade at Saint Matthias School in Huntington Park near Los Angeles.  I enjoy seeing the excitement on children’s faces when they learn a new concept. I also enjoy seeing the curiosity of children in learning new things. I take great joy in teaching second grade because I prepare the students for the sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist. Receiving these sacraments is an important step in the student’s faith formation. I look forward to continuing my ministry as a Catholic educator in the years to come.

​Truc Huynh
Kindergarten Teacher

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Hello, I am Mrs. Truc, the Transitional Kindergarten teacher at St. Polycarp School. I started working at Saint Polycarp School as a volunteer in 2010.  In 2013, I became the Transitional Kindergarten teacher and loved it ever since!  I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Child and Adolescent Studies.

In Transitional Kindergarten, I believe that it is our job to fuel and build upon our students’ creative minds.  In order to help our students to think critically, we first have to allow them to think creatively.  Art is closely linked with cognitive and critical thinking as well as reading and fine motor skills.  Therefore, in our classroom we will be working on numerous lesson-related art projects, dances, and learning new songs.

I also believe it is important to create real-life connections to our lessons. Students will be more engaged in their learning when we create meaningful lessons that pertain to their lives.  I will empower my students to be Christ-like followers and to apply these lessons to their community.

I believe it is important to be culturally responsive when teaching our students.  I will have high expectations for all my students.  I will create a learning environment where all my students feel respected and valued.  I will incorporate a mindfulness/socio-emotional development curriculum to my classroom to teach my students to be mindful of others, to socially interact with one another and to be respectful.  I will teach my students to solve conflicts using their "I" voice to express how one's actions can affect them, and what they could do to resolve it.

I believe it is important to create a safe and welcoming learning environment consisting of community building, trust, collaboration, clear expectations and relationships. It is important to teach students to work together as a community because in the future they will be working with diverse group of people and they need to learn how to work amongst these differences.