Academic Programs

St. Polycarp School is an equitable environment where students receive the resources and services they need to achieve the highest level of success in academics. This is our mission and goal; we feel anything less is not acceptable to our greatest resource, our children.

St. Polycarp administration and faculty has chosen the most progressive and differentiated programs that adhere to producing the highest student growth including the following;

  • ELA – McGraw-Hill “Wonders”, a student interactive digital program, grades K-5
  • ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies – a student interactive digital program, McGraw-Hill “World of Wonders” TK
  • Renaissance – STAR testing (literacy, reading, math), Accelerated Math, Accelerated Reading (fiction/non-fiction); grades TK-8
  • Math – Pearson “Envisions”, a student interactive digital program, grades K-8
  • Mind Research’s “ST Math – JiJi” – a spatial temporal ‘non-verbal” interactive supplemental math program
  • ELA, Math, Writing: “SumDog”, a student interactive adaptive assessment supplemental system K-8
  • Science – Discovery Education, a student interactive digital program, grades TK-8

Each of these programs are adaptive in nature, that is, reaching every child as his or her level within the grade level standards. It is through our Blended Learning Model that we believe that every child deserves to have the “path, pace, and place” adjusted for them in their learning to achieve growth. Our Blended Learning – Rotation-Station Model emphasizes small group independent and collaborative, direct instruction small group with teacher, hands-on application/analysis, and technology adaptive learning (data-driven instruction).

In addition, our curriculum includes a faith filled environment with daily prayer, weekly All-School Mass, Scripture Based Study Integration and Avent and Lent performances. Our middle school program integrates technology in all they do with the 1:1 iPad programs while our lower grades use technology in blended stations. We believe that fine arts should have a place in the lives of every child and provide students with art and music periods.