Student Learning Expectations

Student Learning Expectations

A student of St. Polycarp Catholic School is expected to be:

1. A Faith-filled, Christ-like Follower of God

  • demonstrates knowledge of church teachings
  • demonstrates knowledge of church traditions
  • demonstrates Christian values in daily life
  • demonstrates a spirit of volunteerism
  • demonstrates respect for all of God’s creations
  • actively participates in parish life

2. A Life-Long Learner

  • develops vocabulary in core-curricular areas
  • develops active listening skills with others
  • develops language proficiency to support all aspects of learning
  • develops critical thinking skills in all curricular areas
  • utilizes technology according to established rules
  • effectively manages time

3. A Respectful and Compassionate Person

  • speaks honestly at all times
  • interacts fairly with others
  • demonstrates respect for diversity/other’s differences
  • speaks politely with others at all times
  • demonstrates proper (acceptable) manners
  • shows empathy by being sensitive to other’s needs

4. A Responsible and Productive Member of Society

  • is able to discuss globally important issues at grade-level understanding
  • demonstrates devotion to peace/social issues through volunteerism
  • uses his/her abilities to set realistic personal goals
  • demonstrates perseverance throughout the learning process
  • exhibits self-governing behaviors