Put Your Art In It:

Do you like to color? Are you interested in getting your creative juices flowing? Then this is the place for you! We will put our brushes to paper as we learn the basics of drawing, coloring, and painting. Then we will share our masterpieces with each other for all to admire. But most importantly, we will have fun being creative and putting our heart into our work. All Grades

Personal Success Skills

Personal Success Skills is the class that will help in and out of the classroom! This class is designed to help you in high school and beyond. It is time to seriously consider your hopes and dreams and create a plan to get there. Every great goal needs a roadmap to get there. In this class you will find academic and real life skills and a supportive environment. This elective meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month from 2:00pm-2:30pm beginning Sept. 15th.

St. Polycarp School News Podcast 

Do you think that you might be a future reporter? Or maybe you’re just someone with knowledge to share with the St. Polycarp community? If so, welcome to St. Polycarp School News Podcast. Interested junior high students will meet to put together a monthly report on what’s happening in our school as well as developing one feature presentation for each month.

Dungeons & Dragons Club 

Elves, shifters, dwarves, and wizards are all welcome to join the Dungeons and Dragons Club. This club meets will allow middle school students a creative environment to practice improvisational acting, writing, and even a few art and math skills as they come up with and act out storylines based on the mechanics of Dungeons and Dragons.

Harry Potter Book Club

After students read/ watch the first story to familiarize themselves with the Hogwarts Universe… We read books 2-4 and beyond, as time allows.  We discuss the characters, stories, use the Sorting Hat to group into houses for games and competitions, write sequels and fanfic, character sketches, and songs and poems.  We play games, do art and STEAM projects, and have fun!  Movie clips and related literature will be shared as well!  Grades 3 and up!

STEAM in Space!

 With a focus on the ongoing work of our local Space Lab, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), we explore concepts connected to space exploration and travel.  Using the Scientific Method, we will conduct experiments and engineer products that help us discover new ideas and places in the universe!  We will use regular household items to build our projects, all other materials will be provided.  Concepts of Physics, Astronomy, Engineering, Coding, Robotics, Biology, Geology, and Chemistry will be explored and enriched!  Grades 4 and up.

Prayer Warriors

Live out your faith in an active way! We will learn more about what we believe as Catholics and why we believe it, as well as be prayer warriors for others. Whether it’s praying the Rosary, studying the stories in the Bible, or just supporting each other in the faith, we will be filled with the Holy Spirit and declare as St. Polycarp did, “Hear me declare with boldness, I am a Christian!” Grades 6-8

Run Across America

Do you like to run, jog, and or walk?  Then join our Run Across America Elective.  We will meet twice a month to set distance or time goals, motivate each other to run farther, etc.  Each meeting we will track our progress as individuals and as a group how far we’ve run across America.