Jr. Programmers 

Subject: Computer Programming

Description: Learn computer science fundamentals. Students will learn how to identify “bugs” and how to solve them, follow and predict a set of instructions, and create levels and mazes with customizable characters through activities on Kodable. Grade: K-2, 3-5

Jr. Book Club

Subject: Art & Literacy

Dr. Seuss Book Club / Pete the Cat Book Club / Fairytale Book Club Description: Join for an exciting reading session filled with imagination, critical thinking, and creativity. Students will listen to stories while learning fun songs, dances, and drawings. Each trimester focuses on a set of books. Grade: K-2

 Jr. Space Explorers

Subject: Science, Astronomy

Description: Become explorers of space science! Students will learn about astronauts, the solar system, the sun and moon, and space technology through art and literacy. Grade: K-2