St. Polycarp Awarded BLU Title

St. Polycarp has been named to the prestigious Blended Learning Universe  index. This honor officially designates us as a Blended Learning Universe (BLU) School. Presently, only 560 schools worldwide, both public and private, have received this designation. St. Polycarp Catholic School is one of only three recognized BLU schools in Orange County and the only recognized Catholic School in Southern California.

As a Blended Learning School St. Polycarp engages students in:

  • Online learning with students moving at their own pace
  • A station rotation model that uses small group work, individual work, online work and teacher led group work to enhance student learning
  • Incorporating creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking

We are excited to be recognized for our innovated learning methods as we focus on meeting the needs of all of our students!